Come Sunday Declaration & Sankofa Call

We intend to make Sundays important and special again by:

• Studying our Bible lessons before Sunday School and being ready to engage in group discussion, Come Sunday.

• By laying out our clothes, getting our hair and shoes ready, even dinner so that COME SUNDAY we'll be on time and ready to give God the highest praise.

• Checking to make sure the church building is clean and made ready for worship with live plants and/or flowers and all the appropriate colors and symbols that remind us of the life and works of Jesus Christ. Rehearsals, sound checks, cleaning and all of the preparation for class and worship will be done before Sunday.

• Expressing to our children and those who live in our house, that everything that has breath will praise the Lord, and that won't happen in the bed at our homes, Come Sunday.

• Come Sunday, we will be looking our best and prepared to give God our best praise, our best offering and our best service. We believe that to come as you are is good but to come looking your best is even better.

• Come Sunday, we intend to worship and celebrate our God; we will come before His presence with singing and shouting and testifying...and praying, and then shouting again! Sometimes we may worship quietly, cry and just think on the goodness of the Lord.

• Honoring God for bringing our people through and enabling them to make things better for us than it was for them. We can't honor our ancestors enough for the big and small ways they resisted slavery, risked their lives and fought for freedom and equality. Yet, we can honor them by becoming Freedom Fighters and participating in the ministry of Social Justice.

• Come Sunday, we will include our children and youth giving them opportunities to participate, learn, worship, give in the offering, serve, be trained and express their love for God. It is our responsibility to nurture them.

• Come Sunday, we will come expecting to hear a life changing Word from the Lord by God's chosen vessel. We will listen, receive and respond to what thus said the Lord, by the lifting of our hands, saying Amen, (Preach Pastor!) coming to the Altar for prayer and by leaving church different than we came.

• We will spend quality time with family. We will visit our loved ones and/or those who are sick and shut in. We may even eat at the dinner table together at church or at home. We will put our phones down and actually talk to each other, Come Sunday.

Come Sunday, that's the day. A Happy Day! We're going to have a great gathering, a hallelujah good time and rekindle our faith, hope and love for God. We proclaim Sunday as the 1st day of the week, a holy day. A day to REKINDLE the time when Sunday was special and important.